About Jessa

Hi my name is Jessa Rhodes!


But you probably already know that if you are at my site 🙂 I bet you didn’t know that I come from a big family. I have seven other siblings and come from a small rural town in Oregon! My and by brothers and sisters were homeschooled until sixth grade.

You are probably wondering how a sweet country bumkin got involved in the adult industry? Well it all started out when I started stripping at 17 years old. I was noticed by an agent and started working as a webcam model. After a couple of years of that I decided to give the adult film industry a try and filmed my first film right after I turned 19 years old. I flew to Miami and filmed for Reality Kings with pornstar J.Mac.

In 2015 I was voted as one of NBC’s “Dirty Dozen: Porn’s Biggest Stars of 2015”!!


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